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The need has never been greater, and the call to action is urgent! 

Shelane’s Fund provides grants up to $500 to help new mothers and families overcome postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Funding can be used to cover expenses such as appointments with a therapist or psychiatrist; childcare or transportation to attend such appointments; hiring a doula or night nurse or other birth / postpartum professional; travel expenses for a family member to come and help. 

Our mission is to spread awareness, promote programs that offer perinatal support and resources, and to encourage women and their families to reach out for help. If you need assistance, please reach out to us today. You are not alone.  With help, you will be well. 
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A word from our
Shelane's Fund providers

Sarah Moore, LPC

It's incredibly powerful as a counselor to work with our beautiful and determined Shelane's Fund recipients. At their most vulnerable, they bravely open up to us and adopt the Path to Wellness. As they heal, they restart motherhood and truly bond with their babies and regain their confidence and sense of self. PSVa is the foundation that all of this good work is built. Not just in broad strokes but one-on-one, timely, specific, effecting change for our moms. This work saves lives. It breaks barriers around mental health care, it preserves public safety, marriages, families, homes, jobs, and workplaces. And restores the women who care for us and our families.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping us make this happen.​


Lisa Moore

Shelane's Funds have been used to assist numerous women who have lost their babies. Whether they experience loss through a miscarriage at 6 weeks, 20 weeks, a full term still birth, or their baby dies in the NICU the grief that takes over their life is debilitating. The moment they saw 2 lines on a pregnancy test that baby was loved and wanted, and now they are forever only in our hearts not in our hands. Utilizing these funds is crucial for women to get the counseling they need to be able to recover from the pain of loss. Many of them do not have the insurance carriers or the finances to seek out this type of support. If you were driving and your car got a flat tire I highly doubt you would pull over and pull up a chair and watch the tire waiting for it to re-inflate.​


You would need to take the car to the shop, get a new tire, and get it aligned before driving off. Outpatient therapy focused on grief and loss and the Grief Recovery Method are services that re-align us and are ones that I can provide as a provider through the use of Shelane's Funds. These services are provided to women who otherwise would have to keep going through life without being able to address the pain and sadness felt by the loss of their child. Recovering from the pain of loss is possible and these services allow these women to have the capacity for joy in their "new normal". Please consider donating to continue the efforts to assist women that are navigating a very challenging time in their lives.


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